Dymaps’s websites are built on WordPress. WordPress.org is open source blog and website software that is well suited to build websites and can be self-maintained by the site owner with minimal support.

Dynamic Mapping provides:

  • > Registration of a site domain name and arrangement for annul renewals (ex. yourname.ca)
  • > Set up of domain name site security lock and annual payments
  • > Set up client user(s) to edit the website
  • > Set up client emails accounts on the domain name (ex. info@yourname.ca)
  • > Build and launch an initial website with requested pages, subject to the approval of the client.
  • > Train the client to self-edit the website page contents
  • > Provide ongoing training if necessary
  • > Modify the website as requested by the client
  • > Assist the transfer of the site to another provider at the request of the client.

Examples of websites created and maintained by Dynamic Mapping:



A demonstration of a blank new website can be viewed at:

Blank Demo