Dynamic Mapping is a small business of a retired Geomatics Engineer, featuring low cost website development and maintenance, and mapping projects using Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Websites – Dynamic Mapping can set up low cost websites using WordPress on a shared virtual server maintained by IONOS (a leading international hosting provider). Once set up, training is done with the site owner so they can edit and maintain the site with minimal assistance.

GIS – The rapid advancement in geomatics technology have enabled low cost project mapping with continuous revisions, which truly makes “dynamic mapping”. The computer GIS application utilized by Dynamic Mapping is QGIS which is an open source, free to use, fully featured Geographic Information System. Project are created from many sources such as: Open Street Maps; aerial/drone/satellite imagery; existing maps/plans/diagrams; legal surveys; GPS mapping systems; or GPS tracks from a smartphone. The projects are geo-referenced in universal mapping systems, which makes the project transferable to other systems. This means that the project can easily be added as a layer on Google Maps. The projects can also be made available to the public or authorized users on the internet. Projects can also be printed as paper maps.